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The last one on my Youtube channel is a preview of my work-in-progress. The Darkest Winter is a sequel to Klondike Winter. If you haven’t read the adventures of Sarah and Nick yet, go ahead and click on the link for a preview.

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Romancing Historical Details

Romancing historical details

When I first researched for my historical romance A Soldier’s Vow, I discovered so many interesting facts about the French country during one of the most terrifying periods in their long history. The German army had easily invaded the Northern part of France and often bombarded Paris but never succeeded in penetrating the city’s walls. Nonetheless, the city had been hit in other different and equally devastating ways.

Blackouts, food shortages and influenza affected everyone. Through my research, I discovered many families could no longer afford to keep their children fed, therefore they sent the weakest members of their family to their relatives in the country or other safer places. In A Soldier’s Vow, I wanted to show how the heroine Winnie Douglas saw and lived what everyone went through between 1914 and 1918 Paris. I also show how the war affected the women who stayed behind and waited for their husband, brother, cousin who joined the war effort.

The war also changed the soldiers who fought and saw firsthand the horrors and victories of war. Henry Whitfield, the hero in A Soldier’s Vow, had no idea what he would see and experience when he left his Canadian hometown. Many countries including Canada sent their strongest and bravest men overseas and fight an unknown enemy. They trained hard and fought even harder. Yet what waited for them in the trenches became their worst enemy. Rats, lice and other diseases caused the most terrible living conditions for every soldier on both sides.

Using such details in my book not only creates a setting but also brings the reader back to a time of turmoil, courage and undying love.



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On His Honor Excerpt

“Get inside, Emilia.”

Her father’s firm tone made her shudder with fear. Emilia couldn’t take her eyes away from their unwanted guests galloping horses toward them through the field, carrying flags with King Henry’s crest. They came for Father. No, this can’t be happening.

Father grabbed her shoulders. “Inside now, daughter.”

With an obedient nod, Emilia stepped back and ran across their golden wheat field as fast as her legs let her. Behind her, she heard the heavy hooves coming closer. Under her feet the ground vibrated and shook. Hot tears streamed down her cheek, her heart drummed, and she stopped long enough to take a deep breath. Behind her men put thick metal shackles around her father’s wrists. A cry stuck in her dry throat.

“No,” she whispered into the cool spring breeze.

No longer able to stand, Emilia fell to trembling knees. With a bent head, she murmured to herself, “Why must you take him too?”

An unfamiliar masculine voice spoke near her. The tall man who had come to arrest her father sat his horse beside her, his hazel eyes sparkling in the early morning sunlight.

A mixture of anger and fear made her heart race anew. “My lord.” The words stumbled out of her lips.

She bent her head after quickly taking in the sight of the man’s expensive garments, fur collar, and long golden chain hanging from his neck. On his belt, a fine quality sword bore an emerald incrusted hilt. The dark green stone caught her eye. She had never seen a beautiful jewel before today. The fine quality of his leather boots as he stepped on the ground, she had seen only once in all her life. Father could never afford those kind of luxuries for himself or his family, but she had never complained. She and her brother had all they needed.

Emilia’s heart gave a start when the man’s warm thumb and forefinger closed on her chin. He lifted her face. Their eyes met and locked. He didn’t speak while staring at her with intent eyes. What did he want with her?

Again, she saw the sparkle in his hazel eyes. If anything happened to her father, she wanted to remember forever the face of the man who had taken him away. She concentrated on his full masculine lips, the small scar along his left cheek, and his square chin, committing them to her memory.

“You must be the traitor’s daughter.”

She straightened her back and stared with defiance into his eyes. “Where are you taking my father?” she managed to ask through the thickness in her throat.

The man released his light grip from her chin. “The London Tower to await trial.”

“Trial? Why?” Emilia cleared her throat and remembered her manners. She didn’t want this man to arrest her as well. “Please tell me, sir, what my father has done.”

He studied her from head to toe. “Stuart Crawford has participated with others at the Pilgrimage of Grace.” Looking over his shoulder, he added, “Such an offense toward the king is punishable by law.”

Emilia’s heart sank in her chest. “My father has not hurt anyone.”

“That might be so, Mistress Crawford, but it is my duty to deliver him to London. I cannot change the royal orders.”

Did she detect a note of sincere regret in his low baritone?

She closed her eyes for a moment, pushed back the tears threatening to leave her eyes and the anger rising a bit more within her gut. Her whole world collapsed under her feet. She opened her eyes and asked with her calmest tone, “Please, sir, release my father. He is an old man, and he needs me.”

After a moment of hesitation, the king’s man shook his head. “I’m sorry.” His eyes locked again with hers. “If you need anything else, you may ask me. In the meantime, I’ll see your father is well treated.”

“What is your name, sir?”

“Sir Jamie Kingsley,” he replied, offering his hand for her to stand.

In his intense gaze, she saw honesty and a hint of kindness. She joined her hand to his long, warm fingers. A jolt of heat raced up her arm and infused her body with heat. Before losing herself in his hazel orbs, she pulled her shaky hand from his.

“I will send you a missive letting you know about your father. I bid you farewell.”

She gave a quick nod and watched Jamie Kingsley mount his dark brown horse and rode toward the other men. Why did Sir Kingsley show me kindness? She almost believed him. She shook her head and concentrated her thoughts on getting her father freed from the king’s hands.


Colliding Hearts Excerpt

Excerpt 1

Ryan raked a hand through his hair and bent his head in prayer for her life. Panic and fear knotted his gut. Staring at Alice’s pale face, he knew bullet wounds could cause infection when not treated in time. Blood soaked her jacket and blouse. What the hell happened?

“Ryan,” Alice whispered.

“Yes, love?”

She lifted her head. “You need to tell my father where I am so he doesn’t worry.”

He kissed her fingers. “Isabel is telling him now. You must rest.”

Alice closed her eyes. Ryan stared at her while the doctor placed more bandages against her wound.

“Your wife will be fine.”

“She—I know,” Ryan decided to say. This wasn’t the time or the place to correct the doctor. Alice would make a wonderful wife, he mused. The idea of marrying her did appeal to him, but he wasn’t ready for marriage— not yet. Before he thought of marriage again, he wanted to know more about her. Since they met, he’d thought of her often and dreamed of her. Somehow, she’d managed to erase the horrible memories of his last relationship—almost.

“Let’s get her into surgery before she loses more blood,” the doctor said, breaking into Ryan’s daydreaming as they arrived at the hospital.

Ryan kissed Alice’s chilled fingers. “I’ll be here when you wake,” he murmured in her ear before pressing his lips against her cheek.

“Please have a sit, sir. We’ll come for you shortly,” the doctor said with a reassuring tone.

Glancing once more at Alice, he released her small hand and sat on one of the chairs lining the wall. Placing his hands across his face, he prayed in silence. Keep her safe. With all the blood seeping from her wound, he worried. She was too young to die. He rose and walked to the window. Staring outside, he looked at the rainy horizon and hoped to see Alice soon. Thanks to the doctor and nurse caring for her, she was in good hands, but he didn’t like seeing her in such a frail condition.

“Sir?” the doctor spoke behind him.

He turned, holding a breath. “How’s Alice?”

“The bullet went through her shoulder. She will be up and about in a few days. We expect a full recovery.”

Ryan blew out the air in his lungs. “Thank you. May I see her?”

“Of course but only for a while. She lost a lot of blood and is resting now. Follow me please.”

With every step he took down the long white corridor, Ryan felt his gut knot a bit more. Screams from the grand recovery room reached his ears. He thanked the doctor in silence for placing Alice in a private room, away from all the suffering. When they reached the end of the corridor, tall windows on each side of the bed illuminated a small room. Ryan froze and brought a hand against his mouth. Alice’s pale face frightened him to his core. The doctor had reassured him, but until she recovered he feared for her life. He pulled out the chair and placed it beside the bed. Taking her small hand between his, he brought her fingers to his lips.

“You’ll be all right in no time,” he said with confidence.

Painful memories of his mother in a hospital bed resurfaced. He had almost lost her when he was a child and since then thanked the stars above for sparing her life. With the back of his hand, he touched Alice’s cheek, feeling the coolness. Thick bandages covered her shoulder. Her long auburn hair fanned out on the pillow. An angel slept. His angel on Earth. For the longest time, he had dreamed of the same woman. Yet, Ryan had never been able to see her face. All he saw was the Ethereal light around her, shining, guiding him toward her. Was he seeing Alice? Before he met this enchanting woman, he stopped believed in love after his relationship with Ashley. Now, he wondered if a chance at love smiled upon him.

While Ryan watched Alice sleep, a smile formed on his lips. His trousers tightened with thoughts of her sweet lips. Desire for her grew with each passing day. He knew madness played a role in his clouded judgment, but he didn’t care. He had one life to live, and he wanted to know more about Alice. Her courage and strength called out to him. The way she kissed him back the other day told him no other man claimed her heart. But he wanted—needed—certainty before he took a chance. Bringing her fingers against his mouth, he pressed a gentle kiss, feeling the coolness of her skin. Who hurt you, Alice? He wanted to know. Anger rose within him.

Around town, he heard about women marching for voting rights and the police officers watching them, but he never thought someone would use their firearms. Women had their reasons and had as much as rights as men when it came to voting. They had their say. What happened today for the constables to shoot at a peaceful march? No matter. Next time, he would accompany Alice and Isabel. That way, they would have someone to protect them. The need to be there for Alice overtook reason. He knew they barely knew each other, but the times they spent together working and talking, Ryan grew to appreciate her and like her more every day.

For now, they kept their relationship on a professional level. Yet, he couldn’t deny his strong attraction for her.

With great care, he smoothed a strand of hair. Her lips beckoned him. He wanted to taste her again. Not yet, he reasoned. Instead, he kissed her cool brow. “I’m here, Alice. I’ll be here for as long as you need me.”



Hidden Desire Excerpt

Bringing herself back to the present moment, Kristina noticed the coffee machine had finished brewing. She poured the hot brew into two Montreal Canadians mugs. Over the years, her uncle had collected so many hockey mugs. Every Canadian team, she remembered with a smile. She had helped him, buying the ones missing from his collection and sending them to him as a birthday or Christmas gift. As she walked into the living room with the cups in her hands, warmth surrounded her. Matt had busied himself with building a small fire in the fireplace. She took a moment to stare at his wide shoulders, his sleek neck. Her fingers itched to touch him. Bloody hell! Before she lost herself in her wanton thoughts, Kristina shook her head and stepped forward. “Here you go.”

He stood with a smile on his handsome face. “Thanks.” He took the mug from her hand. “Is your uncle home?”

She shook her head, feeling the lasting touch of his fingers on her hand. “He’s on a date with Nancy.”

His gaze locked with hers, causing a stirring within her depths. The pounding in her chest started anew. Before he could pull her in, Kristina took a step back. She chewed on her bottom lip, hoping to regain her wits. She lost her will to resist Matt with every second in his presence.

“I’m glad you’re home.”

His words surprised her. Did he miss me as much as I have missed him? “I’m happy to be home.”

She sat beside him on the sofa and glanced at his square jaw line, his cute button nose. The light of the fire danced on his face and softened his features. She lifted a hand to hide the smile curling on her lips. None of her dreams of Matt Logan over the years compared to this moment. He sat so close that she could feel his body heat. She inhaled his scent. His presence comforted her. She laid her head back and closed her eyes.

Her whole body stilled when his fingers inched up her arm and reached her cheek. She saw Matt staring at her with an intense gaze. Her hand itched to touch his face. As if her fingers had a mind of their own, the tip of her thumb brushed his lips. His hot breath caused her whole body to blaze anew. Her head screamed at her to pull away, but she desired Matt unlike any other man.

In the dim light of the fireplace, his lips trailed a path from the corner of her mouth down to her ear. A muffled whimper escaped her throat. Desire clouded her thoughts. But she could no longer turn back. For a quick moment, she stared at his handsome face. Why had she ever left Elk Creek? When she left town, a part of her had stayed with Matt. They had lost touch, but she had never forgotten him. How could she? He was the only boy who had played with her when she moved into town, and he spent most of his free time with her. He never minded her shyness or that she wasn’t from Elk Creek. The other kids bugged her, but Matt always defended her when some laughed at her English accent.

“Kiss me,” she whispered against his ear.

Matt smiled and captured her lips in a slow exploration. She had waited for so long for this moment. Reality surpassed her imagination. She cupped his clean-shaven face and tilted her head to one side in order to give him full access to her mouth. He tasted of mint, coffee, and something masculine. Stars danced behind her closed lids. She moved her legs and straddled him. Her fingers unbuttoned his shirt and found a soft cotton T-shirt underneath. Hunger clouded her head.

“If we don’t stop now, I may never want to stop,” he murmured against her lips. He pressed a kiss against her forehead and added, “Please forgive me, Krissy.”

Matt gently moved her aside and stood without saying another word.

Unshed tears stung as she watched Matt leave in a hurry. Willing herself not to cry, she screamed, letting out the frustration. Once again Matt Logan left her without words and he left her wanting more. His lips left their mark. His touch still burned on her skin. She shook her head and thanked the heavens above nothing more had happened. Her heart remained intact. For now.

* * * *

Matt sat in his cold truck.

Kristina’s sweet perfume lingered on his trembling fingers. Vanilla. His favorite ice cream flavor. He wanted so much to taste her lips again. He cursed under his breath. No woman had ever affected him so much. Not even his wife had caused his whole body to react every time they touched or kissed. Deep down, he always knew something was missing between Deborah and him in all their years of marriage. A certain connection he had only found with Kristina, no matter how many women he had kissed. But he still loved his wife despite the divorce papers she had sent him.

Images of Kristina’s soft, feminine curves under his fingers and the hurt in her emerald orbs bounced in his head. Raking a hand through his hair, he tried his best to regain control of his body. Blood stayed in his groin. He desired Kristina so much. He couldn’t think straight. How had she managed to affect him so much in such a short moment? She was his childhood friend, for God’s sake, he reminded himself; the same girl he had known growing up.

Before he started the engine of his truck, he glanced once more at the house. Why did he think she’d come out running and beg him to come back inside? He chuckled at the crazy idea. Besides, he was technically still a married man. And if Jasper returned home and knew he had kissed Kristina, her uncle would kick his butt. He would defend himself against the old man, but he would never defy his hockey coach. Since the day Kristina left town, Jasper barely spoke to him except during games and hockey practices. He had told Matt never to talk to his niece or contact her. Matt never understood his reasons why, but he had kept his promise to this day. Yet having Kristina back in town after all this time, looking more beautiful than he remembered, made him wonder how in God’s name he’d stay away from her.

Matt pulled out of the snowy driveway and drove down the empty street. He never thought he’d see Kristina Scott again, not after all this time had passed since she had left town. Ten long years had passed since he had seen her. Until the moment he saw her at the bar, he hadn’t realized how much he had missed her. He wanted to turn back his truck and take her in his arms. He wanted to hold her all night, no longer caring what her uncle said all those years ago.

Dammit! He couldn’t kiss her or touch her again. He wasn’t ready to get involved with her or any woman for that matter. His divorce wasn’t final yet. He was still waiting for Deborah to sign the papers, but he wasn’t ready for her to leave him.

Kristina’s pretty face popped into his head as Matt turned into his driveway. He touched his lips and smiled. The memory of her mouth covering his and her body pressed against him burned in his mind. A raw need for Kristina gnawed at him. But how could he give in to his desire for her when he still loved his wife? Confusion distressed him. He hoped after a good night’s sleep, he would get clear answers to his questions.

Tower Bridge

Forever Yours Excerpt

“Private Williams.”

She recognized the familiar low baritone calling behind her. She turned and faced him. “Yes, sir.”

“Follow me, please? I must speak with you.” Not waiting for an answer, he walked out the door.

Liz followed him outside without question. Since her arrival at Hornchurch, they had barely spoken a word to each other. They trained hard with their own squadrons at opposite sides of the airfield.

Now, here Philip stood a mere breath away. Yet, instead of her childhood friend, she found her superior officer. Liz wanted to jump into his arms and tell him how happy she was to see him after all this time. She rubbed her arms, but it wasn’t the cold making her tremble so. The dark, chilly spring night was quiet.

“Here.” He wrapped her in his jacket, and she felt the warmth heat her body. She could smell his scent, a mixture of soap and musk. An unfamiliar stirring invaded her. Why did she feel so conscious of her body? She walked beside her childhood friend, not her lover. Yet her heart drummed in her chest. Liz took in a silent breath, hoping he didn’t notice her nervousness.

They walked around the corner of the pub, keeping a reasonable distance from one another. She tried swallowing the lump forming in her throat. Never had she felt so conscious of her body. He stopped and stared at her. Looking away, she felt her cheeks warm. She thanked the stars they stood away from the pub lights so he couldn’t see her blush under his stare. Then, without warning, he took her in his arms, holding her against his body. After all this time apart, she finally touched him, felt him, yet couldn’t find the words to tell him how much she missed him.

Liz closed her eyes and thanked the stars for ­­this moment with Philip. Laying her head against his chest, she let him hold her. She remembered the feeling of security whenever he held her in his arms. She held back the threat of tears as all her memories of the times spent with him flowed back.

“Are you warmer?” he asked, not letting her go.

She nodded, tensing, awaiting his kiss without realizing she’d lifted her face in invitation.

“I’ve missed you so much, Liz,” he whispered.

Disappointment washed over her as he kissed her brow, and then stepped back. “I’ve missed you too, Philip.” She looked into his eyes.

“I’m surprised seeing you here of all places.” Smiling, he took her hand and led her to sit on a bench a few feet away.

Smiling back, she felt as though no one in the world existed. Her heart skipped a beat when his warm, muscular thigh brushed against hers. She stared at their hands as his took her smaller one. She had never felt so nervous with Philip, and it frightened her and excited her. “Do you think they’ll let us women fight soon?” she asked, changing her train of thought.

“No news yet.” Holding her hand, he watched her with serious eyes as she remained silent. “Liz. Promise me you’ll take care when they do send you on missions. I know I can’t stop you, so promise me.” Philip’s tone was firm but soft.

Nodding without taking her eyes away from his, she said, “I promise. And you do the same.”

Philip nodded, holding her in silence.

Staring at his tempting lips, wishing he would kiss her, she felt herself melt on the spot. Instead, she felt his hand cup her cheek and his thumb traced her lower lip, leaving a trail of heat. He didn’t kiss her, but the intimate gesture sent waves of warm sensations all over her body. His eyes stared into hers with intensity. Anticipation alerted all her senses.

“Liz.” The low rasp in his voice sent another wave of sensations through her body. Biting her lower lip, she closed her eyes.

Philip sat so close, she could feel his hot breath caressing her cheeks. Her heart jumped in her chest when his lips touched her cheek and the delicate skin near her ear.

“Liz,” he whispered again in her ear. A new sensation centered in the special place in her lower belly. Behind her eyelids, she saw stars, waiting for his next move. Would he kiss her? She didn’t know. His hands kept her warm against the cool air. She felt a bit over warm and unsure of her body. Philip had never touched her in such an intimate way before. His lips lingered near her ear, and his hot breath sent shivers along her skin. Turning her head ever so slowly, she could see intensity in his eyes. He cupped her cheeks and leaned his forehead against hers. Their lips brushed together.

Voices approached in the background, bringing them back to earth. Breaking his embrace, he left Liz breathless.

Quickly, she regained her composure before someone saw them together in their intimate embrace. She glanced at him, and his face didn’t show any trace of emotion.

“I should go,” she said, swallowing hard against the lump in her throat. Tears threatened to leave her eyes. Before he said a word, she removed his jacket from her shoulders and walked toward the camp.

He rose from the bench. “Good night, Liz.”

“Good night,” she said with trembling lips.

ForeverYours_MED (1)

Klondike Winter Excerpt(Attention: Hot!)

Nick knew he shouldn’t touch her.

Maybe he had too much to drink with the old man Watson. A bit of rum always warmed him and helped him relax. He couldn’t refuse such a generous offer from a fellow stampeder.

When he saw Sarah’s arms peeking out of the layers of blankets, he couldn’t resist untying the laces at the cuff and glide his hands under the sleeve, caressing her soft skin. He hoped she didn’t wake. Not yet. It was madness; he knew. He should know better. How could he not touch her?

His hand slid down her arm and reached her small hand. Goosebumps covered her skin. His groin tightened as it did every time they touched. Lord help him. He desired Sarah, but he had no right. He reminded himself she belonged to another man. He recalled the telegram he intercepted at the hotel a few days earlier. His conscious told him he should have told her about it. But the devil on his shoulder whispered in his ear. “She doesn’t need to know.”

Lying on his back, Nick hoped his arousal wouldn’t take over his reason. He rubbed his cold hands against his face, wanting to scream at whoever put Sarah on his path and turn his life upside down. Turning on his side, he stared at the most beautiful woman in the world. A rare find like the precious stones he had discovered in a South American mine. Cupping her chin within his palm, he found her skin soft and warm despite the cool temperature outside.

She moved her head into his palm; his thumb brushed her lips. His groin tightened a bit more. Heat rushed through his blood. A breath caught in his throat when slowly, she opened her sleepy eyes and turned her head toward him.

“Is everything all right?” she whispered.

He nodded.

She let out a deep sigh and relaxed under his touch. Around them, nothing else existed. He moved closer and kissed her brow, her cheek; lingering his lips near hers. One kiss, that’s all he needed. Her hot breath teased him, and he wanted more.

“Nick,” she whispered against his lips.

A low groan escaped his throat when her hands rested on his chest. No longer resisting, he captured her lips; slow at first. Taking his time. Savouring.

Her arms wrapped around his neck, pulling his head down toward her. She slanted her mouth a bit more, giving him fuller access. He found her lips inquisitive. She wanted to learn, and he would teach her. While one hand held her head, his other hand found its way along her hot thigh under the blankets. Her body pressed against his, her leg wrapped around him. Desire grew within him. His lips left hers and slid down her neck; kissing, tasting her sweet skin. A faint scent of rosewater teased his nose.

She threw her head back, and he inhaled her hot skin. Encouraged, he claimed her rosy lips once more, tasting her, drinking in her beauty.

His fingers glided up her thigh while his lips devoured hers. Was this all a dream? He didn’t care. If he never had another night with her, at least he would keep the memory of her soft feminine form to keep him company in his cold nights.

Nick caressed her chin with the tip of his thumb until he reached her moist lips. Heat from her body penetrated his. With great ease, he gained access inside her mouth; gently coaxing her into a twirling dance. He groaned, moving his lips over hers. Then his mouth descended, drawing a path from the delicate part behind her ear and down her neck. With one hand, his fingers inched towards the inside of her thighs. She gasped.

As he touched her, her small hands slid down his waist until she reached his pulsing groin. Blood from his body centered in his lower belly. His head spun with desire. A breath caught in his throat as her fingers explored his hardness through his wool undergarments. He let out a low groan.

Startled, she pulled her fingers away.

“Please don’t stop,” he murmured. “Your touch pleases me.”

He guided her hand up his thigh until her fingers reached where his hardness throbbed with desire. His heart raced a bit more. He never desired a woman more than he wanted Sarah.

With great slowness, he caressed every inch of her body as she touched him in the most intimate way. He couldn’t remember the last time a woman touched him with such tenderness. His knee coaxed her thighs open and gave him access. He must show her how desirable and beautiful she was to him. Her inexperience excited him.

She gasped when his lips pressed featherlight kisses inside her thighs. He inched his way up her legs until he reached his prize. She arched her back, allowing him greater access. Suckling and tasting, Nick savoured her body. He nibbled and tasted until he felt her release and trembled under his fingers.

“Did I hurt you, love?”

She shook her head and said, “Kiss me,” she whimpered, touching every inch of his body.

He loved her passion and how she surrendered to his. It excited him. Staring into her eyes, he obeyed her request. How could he refuse her? Taking her lips hostage once more, he tasted and teased, and let her take the lead. She was an apt student and learned how he liked to be kissed.

Nick paused and brushed away a stray curl from her face. Sarah took his breath away and made him forget for a moment she belonged to another man. He let out a low groan and rolled on his back, holding Sarah against him and covered her with the blankets. His heartbeat returned to its normal rate after a few deep breaths. In a dark and quiet tent, he wondered what he had done right in his life for Sarah Callaghan to enter it. It didn’t matter. Once the trip was over, she will leave it as fast as she had entered. He squeezed his eyes and pushed away the frightening thought.

For now, she was by his side, and he would take advantage of every moment spent with her.

Klondike Winter Cover1

A Soldier’s Vow Excerpt

Liverpool, England


Valise in hand, Winnie stood breathless as she gazed at the majestic ship floating with so much grace against the afternoon late November sky. She stepped forward, and her heart raced. After spending the last two years in Europe, she was finally headed home. Taking a deep breath of the cool, salty air, she calmed herself. “You can do this,” she whispered.

Fixing her wide-brimmed hat, she climbed the thick wooden walkway, her feet heavy with every step. She let her eyes glance down. The high distance from where she stepped and the water below made her nauseous and light headed. Taking another deep breath, she continued on her way while touching her growing belly and feeling the baby’s movements within.

“Winnie!” A man’s voice far behind her called out her name.

Looking out into the crowd behind her, she searched for the caller but saw no one familiar. She shook her head and continued her way up.

“Winifred Douglas!” the man’s voice called out again.

She stopped once more and looked below. For a brief moment, she could have sworn she heard her darling Henry calling out to her. Could it be he traveled all this way to Liverpool in order to find her? Her palms moistened inside her gloves. Walking a few steps back down the gangplank, Winnie bumped into people going up. She squeezed her eyes closed as people jostled their way past her. Stopping where she stood, Winnie looked everywhere for Henry’s handsome face. Unshed tears stung her eyes, and she felt dizzy. Taking a deep breath, she walked the rest of the way down the gangplank and waited one last moment for the familiar baritone to call out her name.



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