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Hello lovely readers!

Before my books published with SCP are removed from Amazon, I took time to copy them. Soon, those books will be republished and replaced. However, for the moment, I want to post them here for those who haven’t yet had the pleasure of reading my romance books.

I am also including reviews from Goodreads.

If you would like to review one of my books, please let me know.


Jackie M.


Klondike Winter

Klondike Winter Cover1

Format: Kindle Edition 

This book is a light, easy read. It flows smoothly. It’s the kind of book that some people read for pure entertainment during a quiet evening at home. There is no confusion about the order of events. It’s so nice to read a book that doesn’t require the reader to backtrack and second guess herself. Everything was straight forward.

I enjoyed the main characters, except the one who turns out to be selfish and greedy. (I wasn’t supposed to like him, was I?) I related to their determination to succeed despite difficult circumstances. They pushed forward through financial setbacks, health concerns, and attacks on their reputations. Also, I appreciated their willingness to forge bonds together in the midst of financial and emotional challenges.

We could all take lessons from young people of such fortitude: if you need money, find a new way to make it; if a person that you love betrays you, get that person out of your life immediately; trust your heart and know who to trust; don’t have pity parties; watch for clues about peoples’ true inner selves, and; marry for the right reasons.

I’m a history buff, but I’m not familiar with the gold rush in the Yukon, or Boston in the 1890’s; therefore, I would have liked to see more details. For instance, I would

have enjoyed a little more description of the setting and the social situations, since this is a historical romance.
Sarah and Andrew’s father passed away in the north while digging for gold. In order to pay off the financial debt he left them with, Sarah and Andrew prepare themselves for the cold and wintry Yukon. Sarah will have to leave her fiance behind but a new guy, Nicholas, quickly has only eyes for her. When an incident leaves Sarah and Nicholas alone to make fortune things get hot and heavy between the two. Nicholas doesn’t know about Sarah’s fiance waiting for her in Boston and Sarah doesn’t know about the secret Nicholas’ been keeping about her father’s death. Between the search for gold and trying to resist one another, will Sarah and Nicholas be able to survive the cold wilderness?
From the beginning I loved Sarah. She’s not your typical heroine in historical fiction. She’s strong and independent. The great white north doesn’t scare her (I wouldn’t be scared either if I had a handsome and adventurous guy like Nicholas by my side to protect me). They try really hard to ignore their feelings for one another but when the two get together things get pretty steamy!
Klondike Winter is filled with romance and adventure from the beginning to the end. When I thought things were going to work out between the two something unexpected came up. Right until the end the book has a few twists and turns that kept me guessing. It has to be one of the best historical romance I’ve read this year. No one writes romance like Jackie M. Smith does! Klondike Winter is a must-read. I can guarantee this sizzling historical romance won’t disappoint.
A Soldier’s Vow

By Carina De Corte on January 14, 2011

Format: Kindle Edition

When I picked up a copy of Jackie’s Smith A Soldier’s Vow I though here we are another military novel. I was in a for a surprise not only is A Soldier’s Vow an exceptional very well written romance novel it touches the heart and soul of the reader. Jackie has managed to portray the characters and the era realistically into the story line. Very well done Ms. Smith.

Format: Kindle Edition

Reviewed by Desere
Review originally posted at Romancing the Book on 03/10/2011We all know that sending a loved one of to war is one of the hardest things in life to do and the only hope you can have is that they will return safely. In A Soldier’s Vow by Jackie M. Smith, we travel with a the couple (who’s names to me are so unique as I have never read a book before containing these names so I’ll keep those a surprise) on a journey of passion, love, honor and an everlasting promise.

You can feel the emotion right through out the book so intensely that it truly does feel like you are the heroine waiting on your hero to come home. I cried, I laughed, and I rejoiced in this stunning novel. Jackie you have truly outdone yourself. And to those of you who have ever had the illusion that a war related romance novel is too much emotion or just not your style, I can tell you you’re missing out for with A Soldier’s Vow you cannot go wrong and you will want to share it with the world afterwards it is a true romantics dream.

Amelie Court rated it 5 of 5 stars  · 
What a fantastic read. I would highly recommend this to any reader who loves war stories!
Colliding Hearts
I enjoyed having the book interwoven with the story about the Titanic. It made for interesting reading.
Forever Yours
ForeverYours_MED (1)

By Lauren K. on February 18, 2013

Jackie M. Smith’s story, Forever Yours, tells the stories of two lovers torn apart by war. The heroine is unique, as she is a pilot for the Royal Air Force, and her lover, Philip, is a childhood friend who falls in love with her as they head into battle. Unsure of whether she will return to his arms, Philip holds fast to his love as the reader holds fast to the hope that the two will reunite.

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