New Home for My Books!

Hello everyone!

Today, I would like to share with you some awesome news. Beachwalk Press has agreed to republish three of my “babies” : Hidden Desire, Klondike Winter and On His Honor.

The publication dates are to be determined, and I will let you know.

As for my other books previously published, my new publisher will put them aside for now. The time periods do not fit into their categories. But that’s fine with me. I can always look for another publisher for these ones. One criteria I look for in a publisher is they must have the print option. I like feeling books in my hands. I’m old-fashioned.

Finding a publisher isn’t an easy task. As a writer, you want to find the best publication company. For me, since I decided to be an independent author, I like smaller publishers. Of course, I have learned my lesson with the first two publishers with whom I signed. When I found SCP, I had not only became a better writer, but I have also found a support group composed of awesome people and writers.

I hope my partnership with Beachwalk Press will be as fulfilling as the one I had with SCP.

For now, I sign the paperwork and wait.


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