The Darkest Winter Book Cover


Here’s  your first glimpse at my newest historical romance and my first sequel. The Darkest Winter picks up where Klondike Winter ended. My new book will be out soon, but for now, I’m so excited to share with you the beautiful book cover.

A huge thanks to my publisher Beachwalk Press and the wonderful women who made this book a reality: Pamela Tyner, Lynne Sully and Tara(the one who created the cover). Thank you ladies!!

New book covers!

Hello dear friends!

Today, I’m sharing with you my new book covers. They’re versions 2.0 of the previously published ones.

Tara at FantasiaFrogDesigns created them for me. She really listened to my suggestions and let me assist her with the designs. Special thanks to her and also to my fabulous editor at Beachwalk Press, Pamela Tyner.

On His Honor is already for sale on various websites. I will give you the details in a separate post.

Hidden Desire will be out soon and Klondike Winter will be available sometime in March.

What do you think of these beautiful covers?


On His Honor

On His Honor is about honor, loyalty and of course, romance.
In a time of great turmoil, a beauty meets a beast who changes her life forever.
Emilia Crawford’s father is arrested in the name of King Henry VIII’s new reforms. The king’s men take him to the London Tower to await sentencing. In an attempt to save her father’s life, Emilia travels to London. One kiss from her father’s captor turns her life upside down.
When Jamie Kingsley is sent to arrest members of the Pilgrimage of Grace he never imagined he would meet a woman who would make him lose all reason, along with his heart. But he has a duty to fulfill, or he risks losing his head to King Henry VIII’s henchmen.
Content Warning: contains sensual sex scenes and some strong language

Is romance dead?

Hello romance lovers and readers!

Today, a thought popped into my head after a good morning kiss from my main squeeze and man of my dreams. Is romance dead? I’ve always been a romantic at heart. The proof is in my eight published romance books. Yet, in my own life, for the longest time, I had no romance, no sweet gestures that would make me swoon. Two serious relationships, but nothing that I would consider romantic. Maybe my expectations were too high. Maybe it was my inexperience with life and men in general. Whatever the reason for the lack of romance in my life, I knew it existed. Movies and music showed me signs of romance. Even my friends had told me stories about their sweethearts. Yet, until a year and a half ago, I truly thought romance had hidden from me, never to be for me.lovers

In this modern world, we read about tales of romance from another world. The excitement of the man of your dreams calling on you. Strolling in the park without touching. Stealing kisses whenever possible. Maybe it was a simpler time. Yet, I believe in romance. I believe it does still exist. We simply need to keep our eyes and heart open to see them.

cinderella and her prince

For me, I think it’s romantic when my man takes out the garbage or sends me a text on his lunch hour just to say hi. Every morning, while I’m still in bed, my man bends down and gives me a kiss and a boyish grin, and tells me to have a good day. He doesn’t have to tell me he loves me either. I know he does with the simple yet thoughtful gestures he does for me every day.

romantic kiss

Do you think romance is dead? Tell us your story.

Jackie M.