My Birthday Book Giveaway

Today is my birthday! To celebrate my special day, I’m giving away a copy of my newest best-selling romance Whispering Souls!

This paranormal story has action, adventure and lots of romance!

On Sunday May 20th, I will choose a winner at random. Please like this post and comment for your chance to win!

Here is the blurb!

Her soul is what he needs to break his curse.

Viking warrior Ragnvald Hallvardson was devastated when his fiancée was killed. In desperation, he sought help from the local witch. But instead of being reunited with his love, he was cursed with immortality. For over a thousand years, he has roamed the earth looking for that special person who can help him break the curse. And now, he may have finally found her.

After a disastrous relationship, Julia Williamson is reluctant to open her heart again. The barrier around her heart is hard to break, and she’s not foolish enough to give her love to just any man. But she finds Ragnvald hard to resist. Something about him calls to her, but can she risk another broken heart? Then things become even more complicated when her former fiancé threatens her life.

Content Warning: contains sensual sex scenes


The Darkest Winter Book Cover


Here’s  your first glimpse at my newest historical romance and my first sequel. The Darkest Winter picks up where Klondike Winter ended. My new book will be out soon, but for now, I’m so excited to share with you the beautiful book cover.

A huge thanks to my publisher Beachwalk Press and the wonderful women who made this book a reality: Pamela Tyner, Lynne Sully and Tara(the one who created the cover). Thank you ladies!!

New book covers!

Hello dear friends!

Today, I’m sharing with you my new book covers. They’re versions 2.0 of the previously published ones.

Tara at FantasiaFrogDesigns created them for me. She really listened to my suggestions and let me assist her with the designs. Special thanks to her and also to my fabulous editor at Beachwalk Press, Pamela Tyner.

On His Honor is already for sale on various websites. I will give you the details in a separate post.

Hidden Desire will be out soon and Klondike Winter will be available sometime in March.

What do you think of these beautiful covers?


On His Honor

On His Honor is about honor, loyalty and of course, romance.
In a time of great turmoil, a beauty meets a beast who changes her life forever.
Emilia Crawford’s father is arrested in the name of King Henry VIII’s new reforms. The king’s men take him to the London Tower to await sentencing. In an attempt to save her father’s life, Emilia travels to London. One kiss from her father’s captor turns her life upside down.
When Jamie Kingsley is sent to arrest members of the Pilgrimage of Grace he never imagined he would meet a woman who would make him lose all reason, along with his heart. But he has a duty to fulfill, or he risks losing his head to King Henry VIII’s henchmen.
Content Warning: contains sensual sex scenes and some strong language

Winter Wonderland Forum Hop

Happy December!

I’m participating in Coffeetime Romance’s Winter Wonderland Forum Hop.

Love to read? Love to win prizes? Looking for some new reads for your holiday vacation, or to give as gifts?

Come join me today until December 15th 2015 and get your chance to win some of me ebooks and some neovintage jewelry(created by yours truly)!

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New book release dates!

Happy Monday!

I’m happy to announce new tentative dates for my books! All my books published with Secret Cravings Publishing have found new homes. The re-release of my babies will happen in 2016.

Here are the dates(by publisher):

Beachwalk Press

On His Honor: 01/18/16

Hidden Desire: 02/15/16

Klondike Winter: 03/21/16

Resplendence Publishing

Forever Yours: 03/02/16

Colliding Hearts: 04/20/16

A Soldier’s Vow: 06/01/16

Weekend Giveaway!

Happy Friday!


Today, I’m giving away a copy of one of my ebooks. All you need to do is like, share and comment your answer below on this post.

Question: What is your favorite book to read and why?

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Best luck to everyone and thank you for participating!

Jackie M.

Romancing Historical Details

Romancing historical details

When I first researched for my historical romance A Soldier’s Vow, I discovered so many interesting facts about the French country during one of the most terrifying periods in their long history. The German army had easily invaded the Northern part of France and often bombarded Paris but never succeeded in penetrating the city’s walls. Nonetheless, the city had been hit in other different and equally devastating ways.

Blackouts, food shortages and influenza affected everyone. Through my research, I discovered many families could no longer afford to keep their children fed, therefore they sent the weakest members of their family to their relatives in the country or other safer places. In A Soldier’s Vow, I wanted to show how the heroine Winnie Douglas saw and lived what everyone went through between 1914 and 1918 Paris. I also show how the war affected the women who stayed behind and waited for their husband, brother, cousin who joined the war effort.

The war also changed the soldiers who fought and saw firsthand the horrors and victories of war. Henry Whitfield, the hero in A Soldier’s Vow, had no idea what he would see and experience when he left his Canadian hometown. Many countries including Canada sent their strongest and bravest men overseas and fight an unknown enemy. They trained hard and fought even harder. Yet what waited for them in the trenches became their worst enemy. Rats, lice and other diseases caused the most terrible living conditions for every soldier on both sides.

Using such details in my book not only creates a setting but also brings the reader back to a time of turmoil, courage and undying love.


On His Honor Excerpt

“Get inside, Emilia.”

Her father’s firm tone made her shudder with fear. Emilia couldn’t take her eyes away from their unwanted guests galloping horses toward them through the field, carrying flags with King Henry’s crest. They came for Father. No, this can’t be happening.

Father grabbed her shoulders. “Inside now, daughter.”

With an obedient nod, Emilia stepped back and ran across their golden wheat field as fast as her legs let her. Behind her, she heard the heavy hooves coming closer. Under her feet the ground vibrated and shook. Hot tears streamed down her cheek, her heart drummed, and she stopped long enough to take a deep breath. Behind her men put thick metal shackles around her father’s wrists. A cry stuck in her dry throat.

“No,” she whispered into the cool spring breeze.

No longer able to stand, Emilia fell to trembling knees. With a bent head, she murmured to herself, “Why must you take him too?”

An unfamiliar masculine voice spoke near her. The tall man who had come to arrest her father sat his horse beside her, his hazel eyes sparkling in the early morning sunlight.

A mixture of anger and fear made her heart race anew. “My lord.” The words stumbled out of her lips.

She bent her head after quickly taking in the sight of the man’s expensive garments, fur collar, and long golden chain hanging from his neck. On his belt, a fine quality sword bore an emerald incrusted hilt. The dark green stone caught her eye. She had never seen a beautiful jewel before today. The fine quality of his leather boots as he stepped on the ground, she had seen only once in all her life. Father could never afford those kind of luxuries for himself or his family, but she had never complained. She and her brother had all they needed.

Emilia’s heart gave a start when the man’s warm thumb and forefinger closed on her chin. He lifted her face. Their eyes met and locked. He didn’t speak while staring at her with intent eyes. What did he want with her?

Again, she saw the sparkle in his hazel eyes. If anything happened to her father, she wanted to remember forever the face of the man who had taken him away. She concentrated on his full masculine lips, the small scar along his left cheek, and his square chin, committing them to her memory.

“You must be the traitor’s daughter.”

She straightened her back and stared with defiance into his eyes. “Where are you taking my father?” she managed to ask through the thickness in her throat.

The man released his light grip from her chin. “The London Tower to await trial.”

“Trial? Why?” Emilia cleared her throat and remembered her manners. She didn’t want this man to arrest her as well. “Please tell me, sir, what my father has done.”

He studied her from head to toe. “Stuart Crawford has participated with others at the Pilgrimage of Grace.” Looking over his shoulder, he added, “Such an offense toward the king is punishable by law.”

Emilia’s heart sank in her chest. “My father has not hurt anyone.”

“That might be so, Mistress Crawford, but it is my duty to deliver him to London. I cannot change the royal orders.”

Did she detect a note of sincere regret in his low baritone?

She closed her eyes for a moment, pushed back the tears threatening to leave her eyes and the anger rising a bit more within her gut. Her whole world collapsed under her feet. She opened her eyes and asked with her calmest tone, “Please, sir, release my father. He is an old man, and he needs me.”

After a moment of hesitation, the king’s man shook his head. “I’m sorry.” His eyes locked again with hers. “If you need anything else, you may ask me. In the meantime, I’ll see your father is well treated.”

“What is your name, sir?”

“Sir Jamie Kingsley,” he replied, offering his hand for her to stand.

In his intense gaze, she saw honesty and a hint of kindness. She joined her hand to his long, warm fingers. A jolt of heat raced up her arm and infused her body with heat. Before losing herself in his hazel orbs, she pulled her shaky hand from his.

“I will send you a missive letting you know about your father. I bid you farewell.”

She gave a quick nod and watched Jamie Kingsley mount his dark brown horse and rode toward the other men. Why did Sir Kingsley show me kindness? She almost believed him. She shook her head and concentrated her thoughts on getting her father freed from the king’s hands.


Colliding Hearts Excerpt

Excerpt 1

Ryan raked a hand through his hair and bent his head in prayer for her life. Panic and fear knotted his gut. Staring at Alice’s pale face, he knew bullet wounds could cause infection when not treated in time. Blood soaked her jacket and blouse. What the hell happened?

“Ryan,” Alice whispered.

“Yes, love?”

She lifted her head. “You need to tell my father where I am so he doesn’t worry.”

He kissed her fingers. “Isabel is telling him now. You must rest.”

Alice closed her eyes. Ryan stared at her while the doctor placed more bandages against her wound.

“Your wife will be fine.”

“She—I know,” Ryan decided to say. This wasn’t the time or the place to correct the doctor. Alice would make a wonderful wife, he mused. The idea of marrying her did appeal to him, but he wasn’t ready for marriage— not yet. Before he thought of marriage again, he wanted to know more about her. Since they met, he’d thought of her often and dreamed of her. Somehow, she’d managed to erase the horrible memories of his last relationship—almost.

“Let’s get her into surgery before she loses more blood,” the doctor said, breaking into Ryan’s daydreaming as they arrived at the hospital.

Ryan kissed Alice’s chilled fingers. “I’ll be here when you wake,” he murmured in her ear before pressing his lips against her cheek.

“Please have a sit, sir. We’ll come for you shortly,” the doctor said with a reassuring tone.

Glancing once more at Alice, he released her small hand and sat on one of the chairs lining the wall. Placing his hands across his face, he prayed in silence. Keep her safe. With all the blood seeping from her wound, he worried. She was too young to die. He rose and walked to the window. Staring outside, he looked at the rainy horizon and hoped to see Alice soon. Thanks to the doctor and nurse caring for her, she was in good hands, but he didn’t like seeing her in such a frail condition.

“Sir?” the doctor spoke behind him.

He turned, holding a breath. “How’s Alice?”

“The bullet went through her shoulder. She will be up and about in a few days. We expect a full recovery.”

Ryan blew out the air in his lungs. “Thank you. May I see her?”

“Of course but only for a while. She lost a lot of blood and is resting now. Follow me please.”

With every step he took down the long white corridor, Ryan felt his gut knot a bit more. Screams from the grand recovery room reached his ears. He thanked the doctor in silence for placing Alice in a private room, away from all the suffering. When they reached the end of the corridor, tall windows on each side of the bed illuminated a small room. Ryan froze and brought a hand against his mouth. Alice’s pale face frightened him to his core. The doctor had reassured him, but until she recovered he feared for her life. He pulled out the chair and placed it beside the bed. Taking her small hand between his, he brought her fingers to his lips.

“You’ll be all right in no time,” he said with confidence.

Painful memories of his mother in a hospital bed resurfaced. He had almost lost her when he was a child and since then thanked the stars above for sparing her life. With the back of his hand, he touched Alice’s cheek, feeling the coolness. Thick bandages covered her shoulder. Her long auburn hair fanned out on the pillow. An angel slept. His angel on Earth. For the longest time, he had dreamed of the same woman. Yet, Ryan had never been able to see her face. All he saw was the Ethereal light around her, shining, guiding him toward her. Was he seeing Alice? Before he met this enchanting woman, he stopped believed in love after his relationship with Ashley. Now, he wondered if a chance at love smiled upon him.

While Ryan watched Alice sleep, a smile formed on his lips. His trousers tightened with thoughts of her sweet lips. Desire for her grew with each passing day. He knew madness played a role in his clouded judgment, but he didn’t care. He had one life to live, and he wanted to know more about Alice. Her courage and strength called out to him. The way she kissed him back the other day told him no other man claimed her heart. But he wanted—needed—certainty before he took a chance. Bringing her fingers against his mouth, he pressed a gentle kiss, feeling the coolness of her skin. Who hurt you, Alice? He wanted to know. Anger rose within him.

Around town, he heard about women marching for voting rights and the police officers watching them, but he never thought someone would use their firearms. Women had their reasons and had as much as rights as men when it came to voting. They had their say. What happened today for the constables to shoot at a peaceful march? No matter. Next time, he would accompany Alice and Isabel. That way, they would have someone to protect them. The need to be there for Alice overtook reason. He knew they barely knew each other, but the times they spent together working and talking, Ryan grew to appreciate her and like her more every day.

For now, they kept their relationship on a professional level. Yet, he couldn’t deny his strong attraction for her.

With great care, he smoothed a strand of hair. Her lips beckoned him. He wanted to taste her again. Not yet, he reasoned. Instead, he kissed her cool brow. “I’m here, Alice. I’ll be here for as long as you need me.”